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I am a Fine Art Landscape photographer whose photos have been featured on the CBC The National and CBC Radio, CTV News, The Guardian, and other major news outlets. 
For me, photography is more than taking beautiful images - it’s about capturing the essence of nature in every moment, and sharing that with the world. I have learned to view challenges as opportunities, and love photoshoots outside in nature where you have to plan to find just the right conditions. 
I have been enjoying a strong connection to the land since I was little. I have two graduate degrees in Geography, which helped me understand how landscapes are formed and changed over geologic timespans. It is still an area of science that fascinates me to this day! I feel fortunate to be able to combine my connection with the land with my creative side through landscape photography. Wherever my feet walk on this beautiful Earth, I feel this deep connection with the land, which I try to capture through the lens.  
Explore my portfolio and contact me directly for more information.
Please note that my website is currently under construction.

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