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Simone Engels is a published and award-winning Fine Art Nature photographer whose captivating photos have been featured on the CBC The National and CBC Radio, CTV News, The Guardian, Canadian Wildlife magazine and other major news outlets. For Simone, photography is more than taking beautiful images - it’s about capturing the essence of nature in a fleeting moment and combining science and spirituality, thereby helping people to access a deeper portion of their own being. Striving to experience wholeness is not just a thread throughout  Simone’s personal, but also her professional life behind the lens where she works passionately towards providing her subjects with a voice. Nature has infinite ways of expressing wholeness, which is the main theme of her photographic endeavours. Simone has learned to view challenges as opportunities, and loves photoshoots in nature where she has to plan to find just the right conditions. Simone has been enjoying a strong connection to nature and the land since she was little. She has two graduate degrees in Geography, which helped her understand how landscapes have evolved and changed over geologic timespans. This fascinating area of science is captured in her landscape images. She feels fortunate to be able to combine her connection with Mother Nature with her creative side and spiritual awareness through photography. Wherever Simone’s feet walk on this beautiful Earth, she feels oneness with nature, an elevated feeling she succeeds to capture in her stunning images. Explore her portfolio of featured images, follow her on social media and contact her directly for more information.Please note that this website is currently under construction.

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My love for the ocean and it’s ever changing environment is portrayed in my photos. I was also able to photograph a very rare superior mirage which appeared as a large and realistic looking iceberg in a temperate area of the West Coast which does not see real icebergs. 



As I am fortunate to live near the ocean, sunsets and sunrises have captured my imagination for many years. My photos capture the magic of those moments.



Photographing wildlife is a rewarding passion as the images bring out the animals' essence and tell a story of how they have adapted to their environment.

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"Being alone in nature is another way to feel the joy of beauty - and oneness with a greater whole"


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Welcome to Simone Engels Photography. I explore the world with my professional camera gear in a constant quest for the next great project. You can find my work published in several renowned magazines and news outlets across the globe.

Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada


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